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Mouse Errors and side scrolling problems

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Lady Riolyne

Senior Member


Alright so I've got a few issues, all of them surrounding the mouse as of today's march 1st patch/hotfix/implement. Not sure if other factors (other drivers etc) are a part of the problem.

I've got two monitors, one situated off to the left. I've never had problems with two monitors and league before. I have with a few other games and I've had to play them in windowed mode.

When we spawned after loading my mouse would only move in the bottom right quadrant of the screen. Once it hit the middle going vertical or horizontal it did not go any further. I tried to exit the game and come back (there was no loading screen) and it seemed to fix everything till I tried to scroll left.

Normally league enters full screen on my main monitor and if I get to the left edge, the mouse stops and does not continue over to the next screen, however the latest patch has allowed my mouse to continue over to the screen. If I click, usually another window is open on that screen, so I obviously exit fullscreen. However I could not re-enter league by clicking the icon on my taskbar. I could alt-tab but the screen remained black and I could hear the game going on. I had to use the task manager to quit the game, and reconnect.

This time I entered the game without seeing the loading screen. My character was running into the left spawn wall (I was support for blue team) at whatever height my mouse was at, even if the mouse icon was to the right of my character. This time I realized my mouse was travelling over to the second monitor so I unplugged the monitor, allowed my computer to realize it wasn't connected anymore and ended up having to use the task manager again to end league

This time I did see the loading screen and I encountered no other issues.

Things that might be contributing to the problem:

1. I'm playing on a windows 7 bootcamped MacPro. I've been playing league on this computer like this ever since I got the computer two years ago with no issues.
2. Because of bootcamp, my graphics card is not running with the latest update, if I do, it does not allow me to set the highest resolution my monitors can go too.
3. I'm using a Razor Naga Hex mouse, perhaps a driver is wrong.

I'm going to play a few custom games to see if the pattern above continues or if this was just a random occurrence.

I've played a few games that use side scrolling and only a few of them have issues. If it helps, I can't play Civ 5 in fullscreen it has to be windowed otherwise I cannot scroll in the direction of my second monitor.