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Remember the time they didn't want to nerf AD items?

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Enfys Ellezard

Senior Member


"Hello Talon, we need to talk. Ever since S3, you got alot stronger along with the other ADC due to the armor nerfs and the buff to your customization."

"So we're going to nerf you along with other AD casters like Riven and Kha'zix. We really don't want to nerf these items because we want other roles to be able to use it as well, like MF and her ult."

"Oh and lately, we decided to most of the armors again and it showed that armor + health items are still just as good. While we're at it, we're going to nerf your items of customization like LW, BT, and BC this time."

"Oh you want your nerfs reverted because you're slowly going to back to where you were before again? Nah, we already milked enough money off you on our special before nerfs AD caster sale."