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What is League of Legends?

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It's 2 things at the same time.

It's a game, where you'll be either placed on the winning or the losing team.

1 : The winning team will always be laughing and having a good time

2 : The losing team will always be moaning, be on the verdge of tears and will always have the though of losing their time.

I am now with 510 or so wins. around 490 loses. I've spent over 200 bucks on this game since january when I begun.

And in that thousand game, there was only around 15 that was equall in term of player skills, fun, seriousness and enjoyable manners from the other team.

There's a need for this game to be looked-up. Instead of throwing new champions 2 times a ****ing month and think about making money. I'm sure less than 5% of the LoL players have even played the tutorial.

This game being free to play is a big error. Trolls and feeders and idiots and noobs are making it insanely stupid.

Fix it riot. NAW.