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Some jungling tips please

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Mynx The Origin

Senior Member


Thank you everyone who's giving this advice.

I'd like to try and apply it as soon as I can.

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Mynx did everyones idea help? Sometimes,like volibear, you could just go tank.

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Mynx The Origin

Senior Member


Yeah, they helped, but I can't get into a game for a while. I don't have my own com capable of running League and I've gotten leaver penalties because I've been screamed at until I'm forced to get off. It's happened every match I've tried to apply this advice.

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Junior Member


Mynx The Origin:
4) This one seems a little iffy to me. I thought leashes were more than okay to only have one ally. Sure, mid is the closest to both blue and red, but they could have various reasons to not help with a leash. They could be staying in lane to keep up with the opposing laner and help stay on par with the opposing team.

On my level of play, leashes need to be asked for. And it's usually just one ally helping. Sometimes I ask for a leash and the whole team comes to me, even when I asked for a specific ally. And the ally I ask for is usually the top laner, bot I'll ask bot for help if I'm on purple team so I don't give my top laner a gold and xp lag on his opposing top laner.

So in general, I think this one is kinda... shaky.

That sound good?

Whenever I jungle, I always start with whatever buff is closest to bot lane, that way, with mid helping, i can get my first buff with no smite, then do wolves or wraiths (whichever is closest to the buff i started) then rush the other buff. The reason I go buff, camp, buff, instead of doing buff, camp, camp, buff, is that I've had my second buff stolen many a time, and i jungle nocturne usually, so blue in particular can be a huge help, as I always seem to run out of mana at the worst times. When I jungle Aatrox, my other jungler fave, it's not really an issue, as he doesn't use mana, but even then, for the first time, I like to just make sure the other team doesn't get it. Side note, unless you're a MASSIVELY mana dependent champ, after the first time, you should always try to give ur blue buff to mid, unless mid isn't a mana dependent champ (ie, yasuo) and if mid doesn't need mana, ask if top or supp want it (depending on purple or blue side) and only if they say no (or if they don't answer after like 5-10 seconds) then you take it. mid-late game, blue does much more for laners than it will for you.

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Supafly GLHF:
It sounds to me like you are already identifying some key areas you need to improve upon yourself. This is a good thing as being able to tell what you need to improve and actually following through and improving those areas will make you a better in time.

Jungling is this fine line of farming your jungle, performing successful ganks, helping a teammate win lane, keeping up with mob spawn and respawn times (i.e Dragon) and counter-jungling effectively. I would venture to say it can make or break games as jungle is an extremely important role.

1st thing I can say is you should start learning how to leash not blue, but protect your blue and leash wolves off start as they spawn quicker. Usually wraiths off start if you are doing red. You can be seconds ahead of the other jungler just by doing this simple action but it really does come down to your team-mates helping you out with those leashes. Some people even go smiteless buff off start if done right.

The thing that really helped me was watching youtubes and streams of great junglers with my chosen champs and just through practice practice practice!

I hope the following helps you and others on their path to becoming better junglers

Q - I just started jungling and I got executed, why so hard?
A - Many jungle mobs have been beefed up since Season 2. Also think about those awesome junglers or jungle-gank videos/streams you watch...looks easy right? Now think about your actual summoner level. Do you have Tier III Runes yet? Do you have a full set of masteries? Leashing/Smite/pots help but sometimes that can only do so much for your champ if you are under-leveled. Don't come out expecting to be king of the jungle if you're a new player and your summoner level isn't ready for it. Before you try jungling PVP, I suggest you practice in a created match just to get a good run of things yourself or against AI bots. Shoot for a certain level within a certain time of the game. Level 4 (ganking time!) within 3-4 minutes is nominal if not expected by your team (sub 3 minutes and you're g2g).

More on jungling

The 10 Jungle Commandments by Najin Mokuza *translated by Maknoon
1. Don't gank a lane that's completely lost
2. Don't gank a lane that doesn't buy a ward on his first back to base.
3. Don't gank a lane that pushes but doesnt ward
4. Dump the midlaner that doesn't come to help leash
5. Always be prepared for enemy jungler to come counter jungling
6. Help the lane that is already winning and help them ward their surroundings.
7. Help out mid as much as possible, show your face even if you are just passing by.
8. Before Level 6, gank top at least once.
9. Communicate with your support player on where the enemy wards are.
10. Even if you follow all these commandments,losing games are still lost.( there are games nothing can be done about. )


Jungle Writeup:


Jungle Vids:


Jungle Mob Timers:


source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2614498&page=5

What about Support?!?!?


I agree with almost all of these. Some (like dumping mids who don't help leash) I don't, as lots of mid champs are heavily dependent on out-farming their opponent (I main Vel'koz, unless i can get up by 2 kills on the enemy mid, I NEED to be significantly ahead in farm, or I fall behind farther and farther with every minute, so I usually don't leash, but as I play mostly ranked, and junglers have full masteries and runes, they usually don't need me, especially since most start near bot, so they have 2 leashes already, but even then I explain, and if they say they still need me, I'll grumble about it, but I'll go help) but the ones I agree with the most are not ganking lanes that are being badly beaten, and not ganking pushed lanes that don't ward. Just in general, not warding is a bad idea. I try to help out with warding the river on top, and warding one side of the river on mid, but the other side of mid is their responsibility, and I expect any supp worth their salt to cover bot. If I end up having to ward bot, the supp isn't doing their job. I can't even count the number of times that bot fed HARD in the first couple minutes. First blood, a double kill 4 minutes in, and yet it's ALWAYS my fault for not ganking. If you can't hold off dying like an idiot multiple times for the first 5 or so minutes (rule of thumb, as Nocturne, I usually wait to really commit to a gank until I hit lvl 6, and then pick whichever lane I can do the most damage to. pre-6 I'll show my face top or mid to scare them away and give my guy a little more farming time) then it is not the junglers fault, the only thing that would happen if I went into a lane where the adc already has 2-4 kills early game is that I'd end up feeding said adc even more, and then it actually would be my fault. And as much as wards can seem like a waste of gold sometimes, more than any champ, any item, any team comp, vision is OP.

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I haven't read through all of the replies to this thread, but I did read the original post and would like to provide you with a few of the lessons I've learned in the jungle.

A.) Research the champion you are playing and play to its strengths.

If you are playing a champion with strong early gank potential, put a huge focus on ganks right off the bat. On the other hand you may gain more value in farming more during the early levels. This is a really crucial point. I was playing primarily Elise, who by the way has strong early ganks, and I was not taking advantage of opportunities. I then went into a game, set out with the goal of ganking as MUCH as possible early on, and I finished that game with 11 kills after 20 minutes. That completely changed my perspective of jungling.

B.) Understand WHY vision is so important.

I may be unique in that I started playing jungle before I got comfortable in mid lane, so I believe I was in a very similar spot to you now. I don't even believe I touched a ward my first 8 levels or so. I then started playing mid more and I realized if the enemy team has a half decent jungler and your jungler isn't helping with the wards, you are going to have a VERY rough game. Usually I do my best to make sure mid wins their lane, and second only to ganking is making sure to prevent the other team from ganking. The number one way to do this is warding.

Even when my mid isn't helping ward or doesn't seem to look at their minimap enough to make the wards effective, I'll watch over them myself and send out a million pings when I see a gank inbound. This usually gets the message across and they will retreat back to their turret. As jungle you have to work with what you have and be situational - always look for good opportunities to gank and ultimately good opportunities to help your teammates win their lanes.

C.) Learn the basic mechanics of jungling.

I won't provide any tips here just because there is an over saturation of them on YouTube, Twitch, these forums, and a variety of other websites. Just put the time in to learn when it is optimal to start at X buff, what route you should take after, and when it is most effective to help one lane over another. A lot of this is champion specific, so I would look up some videos related to the champion you are using.

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The key to jungle is not give into the pressure of teammates asking for gank.

You decide when it is time to gank and where, not them.

It seems every game I'm in i'm being "yelled" at (as much as you can yell when typing ) by my teammates either to "do something" (real specific) or why do you have 0 kills or come here.

Is it normal as a jungler to be a bit behind level wise early on? I can never get to level 3 as fast as everyone else so I really prefer to wait to gank until I'm at least 4 and have additional weapon unless it's an obvious finish gank or easy kill (solo enemy half health or below away from turret.

I am pretty noob and it seems to make it worse when I try to help early, the slight level advantage everyone has just gains while i'm running around getting 0 exp and 0 gold trying to help.

On the leashing? When are you supposed to do it. If I can down the first mob without a leash and continue on without a big pause in minion farming should I do that?