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March 9th - CRT League Online of Legends Tournament - 16 Team - $200

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March 9, 2013
Register on Zeek:

***This is a fundraiser tournament so that is the reason why the entry/prizes may not be up to your standers if you have any problems with this let me know. Remember we will be having much bigger tournaments in the near future, different one such as Lower ELO tournaments and higher ones. For more infomation please join the CRT League Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/325213187580879/***

+ $200: $125 to 1st , $50 to 2nd and $25 to 3rd
+ Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/crt_league

+ Maximum 16 teams so register quickly. (Its first come first serve so team that pay with be entered.)
+ Must pay at 4 days before tournament or disqualification.
+ Begins 1pm, ends 10pm.
+ 16 Team Blind Draw Single Elimination Tournament Bracket
(Best of one game).
+ Hosted by Tennesee Fafard, head of AiV LoL Club and CRT League.
+ 5 v 5 on Summoners Rift.
+ Tournament Draft mode (3 bans per team).

RULES (please read):

+ Each registered team is to be assigned to be played against
another team (2 teams will play at once), the winner moves on
and the losing team will be knocked out. You lose once you are out. These are the preliminaries.

+ The matches are best one out of one game.

+ The final match is best two out of three games.

+ If your team does not show up on your scheduled match (10 minute leeway), Victory will be given to the opposing team, and you will be given a loss.

+ Cheating is obviously not tolerated, any Cheating will result in
disqualification from the tournament, as well as not following the Summoners Code.


+Pre-made team of five : $25(Free Pre sub)

+Payments may be made through PayPal($25.88): tennesee.f@gmail.com. You may also do an E-Transfer if you wish. Must be made at least 4 days before the tournament to secure your teams spot.


For questions and inquiry please call or message:

Tennesee Fafard : 306-540-2548
Skype: tenneseefafard
E-Mail: tennesee.f@gmail.com

If you have completed the registration, please call or message
us to complete the transaction in person to ensure a spot.


Register on Zeek: