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Queue System II

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Wouldn't it be nice if there were a queue system where we can say what we want to play BEFORE getting in queue with other players who most likely want the same position? If I want to play mid, let me queue up as a "Middle Lane" player. Don't put me with players who queue for that position. In this way we could eliminate a lot of the raging.

I'm posting this here in the forums because I want to know what other players think about this idea.

Yes, I realize at higher elo queue times may get crazy due to no one queueing for certain positions (support). In that case they could simply make queueing up for your position a choice, have two separate queue's to choose from, or make choosing your position only apply to lower elo matches. This could also only apply to normals if it would mess with the elo system negatively.

Is there any way we could make a system like this work?