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Game Reviews!

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Gojira Scorn

Senior Member


So, in an attempt to break away from this game that has had such a grip on me, I went out and bought a few new pc titles. Here are the reviews!

Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2-

Started out fun. All I wanted to do after 5 minutes was play LoL. Probably won't play it again.

Fallout: New Vegas-

Had potential if I didn't stop playing after 8 minutes to play LoL. I might check it out next time servers are down.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior-

Terrible. Who makes **** games like this anymore?


Was fun for the consoles. Playing it on my PC made me yearn for LoL. I kept trying to press QWER for my moves. It didn't pan out. Will definately not play this again.

Darkfall Online-

I am still downloading patches for this game. I have been downloading patches for over a day now. The problem is, I can't play LoL while the patches are downloading because of the latency. So I chose to end the download and play LoL. I download like 2 minutes of data at a time. Maybe one day I can finally play this, but I am sure I'll quickly get bored with it.

Civilization 5-

This might quite possibly be the biggest letdown of my gaming life. What a **** game that heralds from a long line of amazingness. Turned it off after lolstomping the stupid AI on immortal a couple hours in. Not playing again.

And there you have it. Love it or hate it, League of Legends is without equal in terms of replay value, gripping gameplay, and time consumption. I am not a Riot fanboy, in fact, I am one of the few who openly admit to looking forward to Valve's DOTA. Problem is until then, and probably even then, LoL will get the lion's share of play on my computer.

Fake Edit: Inb4 OK!