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1v1 Prized tournament , RIFT tournaments #1.

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RIFT Gaming League
League start date: March 23 2013
Top 20 Players each month advance to the final tournament with AMAZING prices.
Tournament Start Date: TBD
Single Elimination
Winner takes : 60% of OVERALL prize pool.
2nd: 30% of overall pool
3rd: 10% of overall pool
5$ per inscription


$5 buy in, payment must be made up to 1 week prior to the league start date (March 16 2013)Semi-final and Championship will be streamed and commentated on by paid commentator. Failure to compete in a game will result in a loss.Each player is alloted 5 minutes of Pause time.If the player reaches their limit for Pause time the game will resume even if the person has not returned. Player needs to be on the facebook page to be part of the tournament.

in-game 1v1 rules

- 3 bans from each player. ( Draft pick )
- Mid only
- Any champion can be played, so use your ban carefuly.
- The first player who draw 3 kills, or destroy the first turret win.
- All summoners spells can be used.
- BO3 ( best of 3 games )

Inscriptions/Information :

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