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Reporting, it just doesn't work

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Morgan Black

Senior Member


A week and a half ago ago I ran into a guy in the 1000 elo range. During the banning process, it became aparent that he would not be able to select Garen. He prompted us to "dodge, or im going afk the whole game". We laughed, thought he was joking. He was not. He got 4 reports from our team, and at least 2 from the other as we all talked about this guy afterwards.

4 days ago, A guy from texas and I were playing some solo q, and low and behold, we run into the same guy. (well same guy for me anyways) He cannot pick Garen... guess what happens. He sits afk again, or at base without leaving , dancing the whole time. Laughing at us, saying "reporting doesn't do anything". This time he got at least another 6 reports.

Just now, I ran into him a 3rd time. He is at the bottom of the list, with his 30 seconds to pick, and for the first time he speaks, what do you think he says? ... sigh. I look at his profile after reporting him again with everyone. of the 10 visable games in match history.. 6 are leaves, with 0 kills, 0 assist, 0 deaths. Meaning he is doing this all the time to people, So you know he must be getting lots of reports.

I know calling out names is a no no around here. But you know what, if guys like this float around in the q week after week of pulling **** like this, the community should know his name, so they know what they are getting into, and can ask why, WHY, when we get forum anouncements about how the reporting system works, does it fail so hard and so often when it comes to people like this guy.

His name is bannok, Here is a picture of his dancing.