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Damage to Turrents, Added

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Maru th Undrtkr

Junior Member


I love playing as Soraka, I'm fine as here but stronger players, not always, but most of times are more likely to get the last hit on a turret.mostly because they have a wider margin of chance and if we were trying to out do each other, usually faster reaction time for hits. Even if you spend more time taking down a turret then the do. This kinda relates to kill stealing in a way but for that there is damage dealt which kinda goes more or less with the character you choose, I'm not saying the system is bad, but it would be nice to add that feature. I'm trying to sound constructive here with a topic that would make anyone sound like a complainer, but yeah, it doesn't seem like the feature would be to hard to add. just takes into account the damage done to a turret.

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Not necessary? Honestly as a support you shouldn't be worrying about individual kill counts or turret kills. Your job is to make sure:
1) ADC stays alive
2) Your team stays alive

Nowhere is your job to "take turrets" or "get kills". Yeah you can get one or two once in a while, but your role should be filled correctly before you even worry about trivial stuff like that.

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Mynx The Origin

Senior Member


Besides, as far as I've really bothered to notice, everyone on the team is equally rewarded when a turret is destroyed.