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2man looking for a 5man team/clan

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Hello everyone,
My friend and I are two players who are currently in bronze division. We just joined this game 6 months ago and have improved greatly. We watch pro games, look at strategies, and can take some criticism. We really are not that bad but it's hard to carry a whole team. We can do a practice round to show you our skill level. So we are looking for a 5man team to join, for better communication. I am a mid/off jungle and my friend is a top/off jungle. We do have skype and are pretty dedicated to this game, but we can't be on it all the time due to school and work. We both live in CST but are up pretty late. We both use skype and have mics, so a whole team with that would be nice. Oh and we are pretty chill guys and so we work well with other people. Hope to hear from someone soon and always if you want to play with us add
tsunami201 and Camcob.