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Mana Manipulator needs more recipes

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Chone Bone

Junior Member


i have a problem with mana manipulator only can be turned into 1 item. it needs more recipes. it would open more doors. i like going heavy down the support tree in masteries so i have more gold wards and all that good stuff then i can open with a mana manipultor but it only turns into 1 item shard of true ice which is only good for certain team comps i feel. if it had two more items it could turn it into then i could adjust to my teams strategy.
my other thing i would like to see is items that have an active that gives you a red ward. i thought it would be cool to have a super expensive sight stone that has red wards but that would be to OP to be able to keep refreshing that many red wards like that. but i thought about how expensive it got when we had a teemo twitch and eve on the other team and i couldn't do anything because buying loads of red wards is too much,
now for the kicker a new support item should be made from the Mana manipulator that has an active that places a spirit for three minutes that grants vision like a red ward. to make it a little cooler since riot has been stepping up the wow factor i think making the active a spirit that stands there could have a cool animation as it floats around turning and looking around its spot and it would have a small health pool or the three hits but if detected and attacked it attacked back for a little bit of dmg based off the champs max health that way it would naturally do a little more damage as champs lvl up to stay a good active.

just kind of tossing ideas around but i picture like this

Beholder's Pendant (made from mana manipulator and fiendish codex)
+30 ability power
+10 % cooldown reduction
Aura: mana warp nearby allied champions gain +6 mana regeneration per 5 seconds. (1100 range)
Unique active: Eye of The Beholder: Summon an invisible spirit with 1000 range Magical Sight (can see invisible units). Lasts 3 minutes. if detected and attacked the spirit will retaliate attacking its attacker for 3% of enemies max health pool. spirit is finished after being hit 3 times or attacking 3 times. four minute cooldown.

i feel three hits or three attacks is fair so it isnt attacking the whole time if you show up to stop the counter warding on the spirit and pretty much make it a 1v2. it will either get killed or hit three times then go away. since it does damage based of the enemies max health pool it will naturally do more damage as the game goes on to stay viable thru the whole match. also i fell having it last 3 minutes with a 4 minute cooldown makes it balanced since there will be down time in between uses it makes you choose your spot well. if the item doesn't seem to op then it could have a 3 minute cooldown to

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Senior Member


Well, I'm just gonna throw down my thoughts here:
1) Sort of needs upgraded numbers from the items it builds from. Throw in a bit more AP and Mana regeneration.
2) Its active is just a version of sightstone / wriggles. It doesn't add anything new to the game, in particular, except for a ward that damages enemies, which really isnt useful unless used early game in lane.
3) There used to be an item built from it - Soul Shroud.

It went something like this:
Soul Shroud: (Built out of Kindle Gem and Mana Manipulator)
+520 health
Aura: +10 mana regeneration and 10% cooldown for allies.
I think re-introducing a newer version of this would be good.

Soul Shroud: (Built from Fiendish Codex, Mana Manipulator and Ruby Crystal)
+300 health
+35 ability power
Aura: Nearby allies gain +10 mana regeneration and +10% cooldown reduction.
Active: You reveal enemies and wards inside an area for 5 seconds, 60 second cooldown.

This doesn't give you a damage ward really, but can help scout, and can save you pink wards. This at the same time counters and is countered by Sight Stone, and introduces some counter play to the game as opposed to a gimmick, however helpful it may be..

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Senior Member


I kind of like Baron's version a bit better. I'd definitely love to see mana manipulator build into more items though.