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Leaguestuck -- StoneEgg

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Hello, fellow summoners!

My name is TundraFiend, as the post gives away. Recently, I have started up a blog on tumblr on the URL StoneEgg (http://stoneegg.tumblr.com). (To get to the first page, you clock o the NEW GAME option.) On this blog, I've been doing somewhat of a mock "Ruby Quest" or "Homestuck" like adventure. Originally, it started with just the very first page, to cheer up a friend and get her to laugh. But, after a while I started getting into it, and I've done about 20 pages or so. The basic plot so far follows the main character, an avid player of League of Legends. A strange person messages him on Skype and he and his friends are slowly drug into the world of Runeterra.

The reason I listed it here, under forum games, is because you can participate! At any time, you can submit a command, via the SUBMIT COMMAND button at the top of the blog. Odds are, it will likely be drawn and animated! (As long of course, as it's relatively serious and a continuation of the current plot.) I only have about 23 followers right now, and more would be very appreciated! So, if you do end up enjoying it, please please please follow it!

Thank you for reading, Tundra.