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Champion Suggestion Please Read (Details of champion inside)

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Sarah Fõrtune



The Dreamcaster
(Q)- Sleep Away - When hit, the enemy will be binded and fall asleep.Cooldown-15/15/14/13/10.
Magic damage- 50/100/150/250 (0+). Binded-2 sec/ 2 sec/ 3 sec/3 sec/ 3 sec

(W)- Nightmare -Ivan will throw a chain at an enemy and he can move around while the chain is attached to the enemy. During this action it will deal magic damage. Cooldown-10 sec/ 10 sec/ 8 sec/ 7 sec/ 7 sec. Magic damage- 50/50/75/100/110 (0+)

(E)- Barrage -Ivan will use his staff to attack 5 consecutive times. Cooldown-20 sec/17 sec/ 17 sec/ 15 sec/ 13 sec. At level 1 you hit 3 times, level 2 you hit 3 times, level 3 you hit 4 times , level 4 and 5 you hit 5 times. Magic damage- per skill level-25/30/40/50

(R)- Doom Bringer -Ivan will turn into a dark image and teleport anywhere. His next spell will deal additional magic damage. Cooldown-120 sec/ 100 sec/ 80 sec

(Passive)- Call of the Haunted - When Ivan is slain he will revive for 7 more seconds to haunt and get revenge. Ivan may move anywhere during this time and no skills will cost mana.

Ivan’s Champion Image- Ivan wears a mask. His weapon is a staff and the tip of it is a blade.

Strategy for Ivan- Ivan’s spell combo is using his ultimate and using Sleep Away then follow up with Barrage and Nightmare. Ivan is a ranged medium squishy caster. Although, his (E) skill is a melee attack therefore you have to use Sleep Away and go near the enemy and use Barrage.

Ivan Skill Description- Sleep Away his (Q) spell looks like a dark cloud and when the enemy is hit the enemy will close his eyes and above him “ZZzZzZZ” will show up. This spell is a skill shot.
Nightmare his (W) skill looks like a chain and he throws a chain on an enemy and while the chain is on the enemy the enemy can get out of the chain but while Ivan’s chain is attached to the enemy he will receive magic damage.
When Ivan uses Barrage his (E) skill he goes close to the enemy and uses his blade staff to attack the enemy consecutively 3, 4, or 5 times depending on the skill level. While Barrage is in effect the enemy will be stunned.
When Ivan uses Doom Bringer his ultimate, Ivan’s champion image starts to fade into a dark image. Ivan channels for 4 seconds. While in the dark image he can still attack and not teleport yet but when he clicks where he wants to go he will teleport and his image will reappear.
When Ivan dies his passive activates. His passive is called “Call of the Haunted”. This passive allows him stay alive for an additional 7 seconds. While in his passive he can spam skills with no mana cost. When this passive is gone he will fade slowly till he’s gone.

Ivan’s recommended item build- Doran’s Ring, Sorcerer’s boots, Archangel Staff, Void Staff, Mejai’s Soulstealer, and Zhonya’s Ring.

Ivan Taunts and Jokes-
Taunts-Be Gone! Can’t See Me!
Jokes- Nighty Night.
Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Thank you for taking the time to read my champion that I made. I hope you guys like it because i spent a while thinking of this . If you guys want i can make more and add a Lore to the champion. Thank you!