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Garen Q or E?

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AmG Risto

Senior Member


Max e for spin 2 win

EDIT: Make a point in Q

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Junior Member


I used to max Q first always, but now I tend to max E because it is more reliable for the kill and for diving when there are lots of creeps to worry about, but you know you can secure the kill. I usually start by putting 1 point in each ability, starting with Q, then E, then W. At Level 4 I will usually get a second point in Q for the extra duration on the movement speed then I max E. AT Level 5 I pretty much always have 2 points in Q, 1 in W, and 2 in E, and that is the most effective template I've found. If for some reason you decide maxing Q before E would be beneficial, like if you are laning against a mobile champ or someone with good CC, then do that.

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Garen is one of my main in ranked, and this always depends on the situation. Q if, for say it's darius because his damage mainly comes from his melee abilities, e if, for example I'm on Teemo to burst him down. Q=cc and shorter cooldown for your secondary escape E=domination damage if you don't take too much being close to them