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Varus and Vi ult going off after you kill them

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This has happened to me multiple times, you will kill vi or varus, the game registers the kill but the full animation and effects of the ult happen even though there laying dead on the ground

I was top lane Nasus laning against Vi, after I had a significant lead on her I dove her under tower, killed her, after this her ult went off and cc'd me but she had no animation for it and the ult sound didnt go off. She was dead before her ult started, As I said there was no red line, sound or animation from her just my champ getting flipped.

Smilar scenario with varus but this was a team fight so I could buy that he got it off just before he died.

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As he said, the other day I was playing vayne. I pinned Vi to the wall with condemn and killed her. I then proceeded to "get dunked" with sound effects and particles after she was dead. I would assume that she used her ult while stunned, and it triggered after the stun even though she was already dead.