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Dragon Icon on Mimi-map Didn't Reset

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The dragon icon on the mini-map didn't go away when we went to check it, multiple times in the 6 minute duration.

Wasn't paying too much attention to the exact cause, but here's some facts about the issue if it helps:

Our Ezreal ulted the dragon when there was no vision on it while the enemy team was taking it, the enemy team killed the dragon shortly after.

Not sure if the other team had the same issue with the dragon icon.

We where the bottom team.

All 5 of my team members could see the dragon icon on the minimap, when the dragon was for sure on it's respawn timer. (Seriously had like 3 or more team mates check it simultaneously during the 6 minute duration, never refreshed for any of us).

Only happened once when Ezreal ulted it.

Not a big deal or anything just thought you guys should know. If you need more info I could try my best to remember.