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[Suggestion] IP gifting

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Mynx The Origin

Senior Member


Someone brought this up on Facebook and I was like "That's a good idea. Just needs a bit of refining."

Someone brought up that were saving IP, but that they were also somewhat of an impulse buyer, so it was hard for them to save for the champion they wanted (Vayne, namely). They said their friend had 20,000 IP or something like that and said it would be cool if he could give some to him.

That got me thinking. What if you COULD gift IP? Sure, it would seem like this idea could be abused to get a lot of IP fast, but I thought ahead.

As implied, it would need some rules to prevent abuse. Here are some ideas I have.

1) There needs to be a minimum level to be reached before you can gift IP to another player. (I had an idea for it to be anywhere from levels 15-20.)

The reasoning for this, as for all of the rules I have thought up, is to make it less likely that abuse of this system will occur. This one is here to prevent someone from making a ton of smurf accounts and giving it to themselves to quickly get IP with little effort.

2) Only so much IP can be given to (a) player(s) per day by one account. (I had 500-1,000 IP a day in mind as a cap.)

This is to prevent someone who has any friends with tons of IP, but no interest in buying anything currently available, from giving them a massive amount of IP at once. This number, while high, shouldn't keep players from focusing on their matches as the main source of IP, as it's more than possible to make than that in one day.

3) One player can only give IP to a few players in a day.

This is to keep anyone from constantly flooding their frends' with IP AND to keep them from giving away too much IP for their own sake, so as to not burn a hole in their pocket.

And 4) A player must have played at least one match that day to receive IP.

This is to keep players from constantly getting IP without effort, so that they won't just gain IP by just logging on every now and then.

If anyone likes this idea or has anything to say about it, like rules you like/don't or anything you think could be added or taken from it, let me know.

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Theoretically a good idea. But the point of the IP system is so that you play games and earn the champions. It gives the players a sense of accomplishment, and also makes them choose which champs fit their playstyle better.

Plus if people can just give out IP for free, I can see possible troll/scams out there.
And honestly people shouldn't get IP for free from other players because that makes the IP/XP award kind of moot.

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Mynx The Origin

Senior Member


You do give a very valid point there. I like what you're saying.
Not to sound like I'm being stubborn (forgot how to spell unagreeable, <= case and point), but that's why I said there should be some pretty strong limitations on it if such a feature to ever be implemented. But I agree with what you said. Even with limitations applied, people would still find a way to abuse it.