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Galio is a problem.

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Galio is the most overpowered champion in the game. Let's just start with that general statement.

He has the single best ulti there is, since it serves as an aoe nuke and an aoe taunt all in one. And even though Amumu's ulti is a "snare" that also doesn't let you auto attack for some god forsaken reason, being aoe taunted is even worse.

His shield gives 90 resistances. That's absurd. And he can give it to teammates. And it makes him heal...

His passive lets him stack tank items, since he is a tank, but then gives him AP for his abilities so that he can be a damaging caster. His tornado and little bomb thing both do good amounts of damage, and the guy is SADLY one of the best pushers in the game. Should not be the case for tanks (like Mordekaiser as well, but he's another story - kind of).

Amumu is a close 2nd, because even though Amumu's Despair is also very crazy damage, Galio's ulti is still better. And in the end, that's what'll do it.

Remember way back, when Alistar was the most OP tank? Those were the days. When Riot and the playerbase knew what the jobs of various roles were. Two CC's, one being AOE and one being a heavy displacement. An AOE heal, even if it wasn't a crazy amount. And an ulti that made him indestructible... That's a tank- that's a TANK right there, son.

What do we have now? Garen spinning around killing people, Mordekaiser 4v1'ing a team, Amumu draining everyone's health around him in a percentage... All the while still tanking, becaues tank items are immensely overscaled in this game. Nobody NEEDS Alistar's ulti to still HAVE Alistar's ulti. And they can still do damage without damage items, because they have high base damage and low cooldowns. This is what a tank is nowadays.

Some people will say, "so just ban those characters in ranked play." Well hurr de durr. But the thing is, you can only ban 2 characters. And best case scenario, the other team also bans 2 you'd like to be banned. Cool, 4 characters banned. Unfortunately, there's a lot more than 4 characters that deserve to be banned. So after that, it's about who can pick them first. This game is 100% entirely "who picked more of the OP champions". Gameplay and whatnot during the actual match means so much less...

Banning is supposed to be about, "ban characters that you think counterpick characters you plan on having on your team." But instead, it's, "oh ****, ban all these characters because they counterpick everyone!"

Examples: Morgana's shield doesn't "counter spell nuke" like intended in original concept. It counters everyone's CC's for a long duration, whether you're a nuke caster, physical carry, or tank trying to do your job - as WELL as spell nuke and constant spell damage.

Kog'maw doesn't "counter tanks with a lot of health", he counters anyone who has a health bar. It's ironic he's the only counter to the tank meta, but he also demands a ban every game. I don't see how Riot's gonna recover from the current meta, when a statement like this is around.

While I started this topic with Galio being a stupid character, I ended up slurring the topic into using him as an example of the fact that this game has REALLY lost its course. It seems every time a new champion is released, Riot is making individual abilities do more and more things. You don't need a character to have an ability that turns him into an untargetable pool of blood, able to move in it freely, SLOW people it touches, AND do a considerable amount of damage. Whatever happened to when an ability had a single purpose, and could occasionally be used in an innovative way for an extra purpose or two? There's no more thought in this game, because abilities have become too powerful. On most characters these days, you don't even have to use skills in any particular order - just as long as you hit all your keys, you're maximizing your output.

Well I've been repeating myself, so I'll end it here. But I really hope Riot will someday ACTUALLY understand the problems of this game, and not just on the surface say they are aware. There's a lot more problems than "this character is overpowered". (Such as towers are weak and have dumb AI, MANY various glitches and in-game interface issues, bad chat servers, bad game client, a playerbase that leads the game to the wrong direction... and just a long list...)

I'll downvote based on your title and header, and yes I did not read pass the header.

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I don't get this Galio is weaker than he used to be but only now people are complaining about him. QQers where were you all before elementz list.

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**** you because i dont want Galio to get the nerf bat because of threads like this
lots of champions sufered with this **** i dont want Galio be the next victim of ****ing QQ threads like this
again **** you