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My point of View if LoL is to survive

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Just let me say this first, I love LoL and I wish to see it successful in the future.

One of the biggest criticizes among League of Legends is that they require you to purchase Heroes.



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As to the hero thing..

me and 3 friends have recently started playing LoL in the last couple of weeks.

1. We have never played any comparable games to LoL, whatever.

2. We like the purchasing of champs, it gives your game time some meaning. same thing to runes
3. Rotations are good. lets you practice a bit with some new characters. This gives added meaning to champs you buy. No chars you want to try on rotation this week? Cool. play the one you BOUGHT and no one else except those who buy it can play it.

4. It's a free game. wth buy heroes for cash unless you REALLY want a specific one? seriously. very few people are gonna buy every single champ. just play around. Spend money on other things, like skins and stuff.

5. Sales are good. Lets you buy things without feeling ripped off.. but what does a skin actually do anyways? Besides, it gets people to buy it. yay business.

6. People who rage about stuff in forums are funny. 'nuff said. Don't take 'em seriously.

I'm not raging. I am just putting in my 2cents so that hopefully LoL can become its full potential. I am 90% sure that the last few people who have flamed me are either
1. 14 year olds who are angry that they are being targeted
2. 40 year olds that still work at mcdonalds
3. just trollin

to your 4th point. why are heroes needed to be purchased? wouldn't it be A LOT easier if all heroes were released for play?

to your 5th point. sure sales are 'good' but what if a new item comes out and you purchase it instantly because you love it. however, there was always that other item you were leaning to buying as well. two week past and bam the one you instantly bought is now on sale. you could have gotten both the items you wanted but now you only have one