People unable to trade

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In a recent ranked game my ADC and Support were going to trade and were unable to even though both owned both champions. This was a sucky situation that resulted in our Janna quitting the game out of frustration.

What can Riot do about this?

Also while I hopefully have some attention, why is it that when situations like this happen the bug is fixed but none of it's negative effects are reversed?

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This has happened to me twice as well in the past 2 days, resulting in me losing potentially unnecessary LP. One of the times I was told I received some sort of message error, and after that the champion select screen would not move to the next phase where people trade champions. It was not until my team was yelling at me to trade champs (even though I could not do so) that I realized it was happening again and I was forced to dodge before the game started. I'm legitimately worried about trying to pick champs for other people now because I don't want to get stuck like that and be forced to dodge and lose more LP.