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Promotion Series Dodging

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I think that the automatic loss for dodging promotion series games is way too harsh.

Just played my 3rd promotion game, winning my second to come
back from my loss, and was placed into a game with 2 people duoing.
They demanded to play ADC and mid or they would feed.
Since I couldn't dodge, without automatically forfeiting my
promotion, I played support to allow this.
They then went on to feed hard and lose us the game, then go afk and refuse to cooperate.

Wouldn't it be reasonable to allow for the dodging of a single
game in a promotion series when this is going to happen?
This is the third series I've lost because of situations like this.

In light of the recent push to reduce dodge penalty times in ranked,
with only the small LP penalty the first time, wouldn't it make sense
to allow dodges for those in their promotion matches?

This seems a reasonable solution since there is no separate queue
for promotion series, and thereby, not all players necessarily have the
same stake in the game or the same ability to dodge.

TLDR: Players should be able to dodge 1 promotion game from a series.
Part of the game is building a team and working together, if the people in
your group can't, you should be able to change before playing an important game.

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Well according to the people of GD, you should be good enough to carry your team. Always. No matter what. Or you are noob, you don't deserve your promotion, you belong in bronze, and qq more.

*insert lolking link here*

I think that covers it