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Suggestion: Prerequisites for Ranked Play

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This is an idea I've been thinking about alot lately, since my Ranked Games have had quite a few players who have been less than desirable teammates... I believe that the transition from Normal Games to Ranked Games should be much steeper than it already is. (That is to say, it's got a single restriction as of right now.) The current system is designed to only allow Summoners who have reached Level 30 enter Ranked Queues. This is where my issue with the system begins.

Let me start off by explaining a couple scenarios in which I was teamed up with players who didn't seem to understand some of the very most basic aspects of League.

1. One Ranked game, we had a Fizz player in Mid, who got ganked often. I typed in team chat that he really needed to start warding his lane, and he responded with: "I'm mid Fizz. I don't get ganked, so I don't need to ward my lane."

2. Another Ranked game, we had a Kennen player at Top lane, which was fine. Later in the match, he started to have an attitude, getting angry at the team for us not having a dedicated Tank. The enemy team was beginning to get tanky, while we were all fairly squishy. I was playing Elise in the Jungle this match, and the Kennen player said: "Elise is our tank.", as well as "Look at your item build ! You're our tank !"

The two examples I bring up are part of the reason I am suggesting an additional prerequisite that Summoners of Level 30 must complete before being allowed to enter Ranked Queues. (The other reason I am suggesting this, is because I'm growing tired of being teamed up with players like the ones mentioned above...)

My idea is as follows:

In addition to Summoners needing to reach Level 30 to be eligible to enter Ranked Queues, Level 30 Summoners must also have completed a set number of Normal Games on Summoner's Rift. I personally think this number should be around 500 Normal Games. Additionally, I feel that adding a "Normal Games Won" prerequisite would encourage players to play better, and learn new things about the game that they may not have known. Since winning is a 50/50 chance, the Prerequisite could be a significantly smaller number, such as 150 - 200 Wins. (I myself have almost 700 Normal Wins on Summoner's Rift alone, and almost 400 Normal Wins on Dominion, bringing my Normal Win total to over 1,000 in Normals.) I see a large number of my friends who have played around 200 Normal Games by comparison, mostly because they have other things to attend to as well.

I believe with these ideas in place, Summoners will be more inclined to practice everything they can, in order to be better prepared for Ranked Games. Additionally, I believe the "Trolls" as we call them, will be less inclined to play/win that many games, just to reach Ranked, and start ruining the fun for Summoners who wish to get better at the game.

I'm sure this idea has some holes, and if you feel that it does, please don't hesitate to constructively critique it. I'll keep an eye on this Thread and see where it goes.