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Call Order V.S. Pick Order

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If you play Ranked you know that a lot of people right when you hit the champion select screen say... MID or TOP usually. But they are last to pick. Then the first to pick usually pick Mid, Top, or Jungle. Which if this happens the last two people are usually stuck with rules they don't like such as support or ADC. This might lead to horrible teamwork, might make you a bit bad at the game a bit more. Which in rare cases people get mad because the player is nut fluent with the rule. Which don't blame them if they called a different role. So in total it should be like this. Call<Pick, Not Call>Pick. So let people play rules they want to it will more likely help you in the end. If two players chose the same rule tell them to name there secondary's. So ya that is why pick is better then call. ALWAYS READ RIGHT WHEN IN CHAMPION PICK!