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Why i hate people on Lol

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Recently finished a game in which i went 5/8/9 as singed i won my lane vs jax went 4 and 2 dieing to ganks. I then had to leave to eat. When i come back 10 minutes later i am slightly lower level so i go to farm top. my team starts a fight without me and they lose. Teemo on my team says "Singed why arent you here"?" i am clearly trying to catch back up". then top is pushed to our inner turret so i go to clear it, i even tell them i am clearing out top and not to fight. they fight. Teemo complains about me for being top when i told them not to fight. after the game Teemo calls me autistic and bad. which i admit im not good but really? autistic? anyway just my rant for the day. People these days. I didnt do anything wrong did i? i even apologized at the end screen and he kept on going.