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Nami's Moonstone(?)

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Or does it belong to others, not just her?

Theroy-crafting Two: The moonstone

Diana- Member of the Lunari who worship the moon, counterpart sect to the Solari who worship the sun, avatar of the moon, and heretic among her people. She found the items that told her of the sect, going deeper and deeper due to her own affiliation to the moon, and succeeded, but was called a heretic by her people and sentenced to death. She was saved by the moon’s blessing.

Motives and whereabouts unknown.

Mordekaiser- Old lore says he appeared the night of the winter solstice, but now is believed to be a necromancer/warrior of the Shadow Isles. He has his own, unknown army and supposed alliances with Hecarim, Thresh, Yorick, Evelynn, and Elise.

Motives are unknown.

Person thoughts: He appeared in Zaun, as his old lore states, but was originally from the Shadow Isles. He is the spirit of an old necromancer that has possessed a suit of armor and now is after his body to become flesh once more. Upon arrival to the Shadow Isles, he is unable to get to his body due to some unknown reason.

The moonstone's light to ward off the terrors of the depths- Nami’s lore.

Nami- Tidecaller of the Maria, possesses the abyssal pearl, and now searches for the owner of the moonstone to trade the pearl for said stone. She is unable to find it, but has chosen to join the League of Legends in order to attract the attention of the one who has the stone.

Motives- Trade her abyssal pearl for a moonstone and return to her people with the stone.

Whereabouts are unknown.

Personal thoughts: She acquired the abyssal pearl with the help of Nautilus after he had awoken from being transformed, and then took the pearl to her people; from here her lore comes in. She still has the pearl, but we do not know how big it is.

Personal thoughts: The moonstones originate in the Shadow Isles, where the Lunari once journeyed to and collect. The inhabitants of the Shadow Isles did not stop them, nor hinder them, as the stones are like repellent to them. The necromancers personally gather the stones and await the Lunari to arrive to take them away, and then accept abyssal pearls in return. Not all pearls are given the necromancers as some are kept for offering to the moon and to be made into enchantments for the Lunari’s weapons, armor, and tools.

The Solari did not approve of the dealings and destroyed the Lunari.

Mordekaiser was one of the necromancers who gathered the moonstones, probably even killing the others to attain more, and traded them for the pearls to further his own plans. He was killed, cause of death unknown, and he was changed by his handling of both the stones and pearls. On the night of the winter solstice, he was able to possess the armor he now uses, but cannot approach his own body due to the moonstones around it.

The eradication of the Lunari prevents him from gaining their help, and he had not had the time to speak with Diana about such things. Or, his new body could just be more beneficial to him now. Likewise, he could have simply forgotten with his resurrection and involvement with the League and other things.

Conclusion: Mordekaiser needs to tell Diana about the moonstones around his body, Diana needs to get the stones and trade them to Nami for her pearl, and Nami can complete her quest and save her people.

The reason I think the moonstones, or at least some of them, are in the Shadow Isles is because of the connection to the winter solstice between Mordekaiser (old lore) and the Maria’s Tidecaller’s exchange. The cove could either be on one of the Shadow Isles, or near one as Nami’s lore mentions that she awaited in a mystic cove within distance of an empty shore.

I am assuming the reason the creatures of the abyss stay away from the moonstone is because it gives off some sense of dread to evil things, which is why Mordekaiser can no longer get near them. The Lunari, however, could have been able to get to the stones, or living necromancers.

As for the abyss pearl, I think it may be some kind of powerful item with dormant energies, mostly dark energies. The people of the Shadow Isles are able to bring out that magic, while the Lunari are able to turn the pearls into enchantments for items. To others, it is next to useless, so the necromancers of, say, Noxus would see them as only pearls.

Finally, if all of this is correct, Diana, with the aid of Nami, could revive the Lunari and make them a fighting force once more. Nami and her people could gather the pearls from the abyss, Diana could gather up the moonstones with the help of her people and those in the Shadow Isles, and the Solari would be kept in the dark to all this and all three people would benefit.

Feedback? My own thoughts may change over time or with feedback.

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Now there is a new twist on the Moonstone-Lunari connection.

I don't agree with it since I interpret Nami's lore as placing the Moonstone on Mount Targot, but I acknowledge the fact that that is only one interpretation and that an equally valid interpretation could also support your very intriguing theory. I think I'm going to have to come back to this thread later after looking up Mordekaiser's lore (new and old).

I do like the fact that you have expanded it beyond just the Solari, Lunari, and Nami's people, but that does raise the question if Lunari pilgrims regularly traveled to the Shadow Isle why didn't people notice them missing? ... Although my own take on the old Lunari is that they were mostly unknown to all but the Solari to begin with so... yeah...

I'm going to have to come back to this later. You have caught my interest!

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Just bumping for the sake of it.

I've been rethinking things and will be updating my previous post either tomorrow or the day after.

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So, I wanted to do this yesterday, but I could not log on except for with the ingame client. Anyway, this is my speculation on how the exchange went.

Mordekaiser was a necromancer that also fought his own battle with a large mace and iron armor, using his magic to make his own body strong enough to wield the weapon and armor. He and other necromancers gathered the moonstones, which interferred with their control of their own undead minions, and merely tossed them into the sea to be rid of them. The moonstones, having been on the islands alone, could have gained some magical properties that will go into play later.

During one of these dumps, a passing boat bribed one of the necromancers to part with the stones he had gathered. Seeing that the stones shined like the moon, the crew thought to sell them to people they knew would buy them for any price: The Lunari.

The Lunari did purchase them, but also found they could use them to make weapons and armor in honor of the moon. Blades in the shapes of the moons phases that shined as bright as the moon, and even dyes to paint their faces with symbols. They had also paid for the information as to where to gather the stones.

About the same time, the Marai (Maria as I like to call them since it does not mess up my spell check) found one of the discarded moonstones. Fleeing from the creatures of the abyss, they quickly discovered that the creatures would not come into the light of the stones. The Tidecaller, the Marai's warrior leader, took up the task of gathering the stones. They then took them away from the Shadow Isles, not wanting to be near the lands of death, and made their home elsewhere.

By using the moonstones, they were able to live in peace, free from the attacks of the creatures of the abyss. Over the centuries, the Tidecaller became the one to journey to the seas under the Shadow Isles and retrieve one of the stones for his or her people.

The supply of underwater moonstones, however, would not last as the other necromancers began to sell the moonstones to visiting Lunari. They had arrived in small groups of three to five, to ensure few people saw them, sometimes even along the same voyages as a cult of spider worshippers. The prices for the moonstones, however, were quite high, so some stones were still throw into the water. Although, for every stone discarded, three were sold. The Marai Tidecaller gathered as many stones as possible, but also came across pearls protected by abyss creatures. These creatures fled from the light of the stone, allowing the Tidecaller to attain one or two pearls.

When a moonstone could not be found, the Tidecaller surfaced above the water, finding the exchange between a necromancer and the Lunari. Luckily, this Tidecaller carried one of the abyssal pearls, I am going to say because this one kept the pearl as some kind of good luck charm. The necromancer sensed something from the pearl and, instead of continuing the exchange between the Lunari, and offered the moonstone he had for the pearl.

Needless to say, the Lunari did not like this development, but they were interested in the moonstone as well. Since the moonstone was needed, the Tidecaller traded with the necromancer, but the Lunari were prepared to offer a deal all three could benefit from.

The necromancers would gather the moonstones, while the Tidecaller and Marai gathered the abyssal pearls, and the Lunari take the moonstone from the Shadow Isles, exchange them for pearls at a distance closer to the Maria, and then exchange pearls for moonstones. The Lunari would keep some of the pearls for their armor, which is dark, and some moonstones to offer to the moon in rituals. The necromancers of the Shadow Isles would use the pearls for their own magic and rituals. Finally, the Marai would be protected from the creatures of the abyss. At no point after would the Marai venture to the Shadow Isles.

Greedy for more pearls, Mordekaiser began to kill his fellow necromancers, eliminating his competition for the precious gems of the abyss. The Lunari did not care when only one necromancer began to give them moonstones.

The Solari, when they found out about the dealings with the Shadow Isles, began to investigate. They were horrified to find the abyssal stones, which they deemed as evil. The Solari, with the aid of the Rakkor, began to eleminate the Lunari, eventually extirminating them. They then began to destroy all of the armor, weapons, moonstones, abyssal pearls, and whatever else there was of the Lunari. At the end, history would have forgotten about the Lunari...

Until Diana found them, but that is for another time.

Without the Lunari, Mordekaiser had no way of trading his moonstones, eventually being forced to discard them. By this time, he was already powerful enough, with his army, to lay claims to the Shadow Isles. After the battle, and his defeat, his spirit could not pass from the world. On that faith night, when he was resurrected, he inhabited his old armor, which Elise had found and taken to sell in Zaun. When he arrived back at the Shadow Isles, he was unable to gather the moonstones, thus limiting his power.

The reason for this was because he was no longer neutral to the evil repelling light, but a spirit of malice and dread. He dared not reveal the location to others, such as Elise and Evelynn, so that they could take his prizes.

The Marai's custom was that the Tidecaller gather a pearl, go to the cove, and exchange it with a Lunari for the moonstone, the names and reasons having vanished long ago, far before the times of Diana, Nami, and even Mordekaiser. Near the hundred year end, when the light would fade, Nami is named the Tidecaller and now seeks nameless moonstone bearer.

Elise would probably be the only one to tell part of the tale, but then why would she? The dealings between the necromancers, Lunari, and Marai had nothing to do with her, other than giving her a few more passengers to take to the Shadow Isles and back; though the return would involve less passengers.

This has been my speculation as to how the exchanges went and what happened to end them. Of course, this is all just my opinion and much of it could be wrong, but that's why is it theory-crafting.
I hope people have enjoyed reading this and that I've given ideas to others.