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New Quality of Life HUD

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I've been thinking:

It would be cool to have in pre-game when you pick your champion, runes and masteries, you could also choose a key-binding preset. The reasoning for this is some champs I like with no smart casting, some champs with only one or two skills. It would be something lightweight and optional just to make things easier.

Secondly, if anyone has played WoW - you'll know what I'm talking about, in team fights sometimes it gets a little crazy so to ease things you could toggle or assign a small icon above the champs head to easily identify them in battle, and perhaps on the mini-map. This would only be present on your screen and no one else would know that you marked them. For example if you are playing a coordinated team-play game then everyone could assign a SKULL to the mage to kill first and assign a STAR to your ADC to protect him. Furthermore it would just be for identifying purposes(no buffs or nerfs to the champ.) LINK- http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20060621014446/wowwiki/images/a/a4/Luckycharms.jpg

Like I said - Quality of life and completely optional per person.