@Riot ,Lyte, and others. Why not put in a "Role que" feature

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Mojo Joe

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I was thinking if it was possible to install a "role que" feature, that would pretty much allow individuals to select specific roles based on meta. (jungle, tank, support, single lane, ADC)

This would eliminate people fighting over positions, plus people who tend to play less popular roles will get into more games, and people who just call top and mid will realize that "Hey... been waiting a long time to get into a game, maybe if I keep myself open to other positions I could get into games faster."

This would promote learning, balance, and make it so people won't fight over a certain position and cause unwanted stress and toxicity.

Let me know what you think, please.

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I like this idea but it's been brought up many times and unfortunately Riot has not considered it at all.