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rune pages and dodge penalty

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I don't know if it was mentioned before, but the fact that we get only 2 rune pages and that we lose elo upon dodging is really silly.

Yes i can buy rune pages (6300 ip per rune page? overpriced much...) and i can also buy some with RP but i can't (too young).

So as of right now i must play some roles with sub-par runes if i can't get my two positions, which happen most of the times when im 4th-5th pick. this is killing it for me. it's already hard enough to climb the elo ladder, now i must play with an handicap.

We have all the mastery pages we want but not the rune pages? what is the point in that? I know the game is free but it SHOULDNT IMO give an edge to players who buy things in term of WinRate.

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Here is the issue

There's not a single thing you can buy in the game that can give you an edge over other players. not even runes. but with rune page packs, you can customize your runes against very specific champs etc and THAT makes a huge difference.

In season 2 when we hadn't dodge penalties i would just dodge games where i couldn't get the 2 said positions but now that we lose elo i MUST play with an handicap (either dodge and lose elo or play with sub-par runes).


Suggested changes:

Give us 3 rune pages.
lower the cost of rune pages. 3150 would be great.