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Climb Through Tiers and Divisions

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Hello guys,

With the starting the new ranking system, I was placed in Silver I.
After 2 1/2 weeks, I was able to climb and earn my place in Gold I and I'm still climbing.

I'm starting this thread to not only share with you guys my journey to the top, but I also wish to share what I know with the community to help everyone improve at the game.

To just start off,

ELO Hell, or Division Hell, whatever you call it.

Does NOT exist. (Except maybe in bronze...)

Everyone makes mistakes, and some people know how to play their champions better than others. When you put up a seasoned Twisted Fate against a someone whose played Ryze for 5 games, the Ryze is NOT bad, a feeder, a troll, or a ******. In Silver I and in Gold I, people still make bad plays which cost the game.

In Silver tier, it's important you know how to play every single champion. In Gold tier, or at least Upper Gold, you need to know fully understand a pool of at least 10 champions-2 champions per role.

If you have any questions you can go ahead and ask on this thread or ask me personally on League; IGN: "Aliasear"
Upvote for the community. Thanks. (:

"Expect nothing less, than the best" - Aliasear

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Luck Wizard

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Id like to point out that Gold tier puts you in the top 5% - 1% of players (that is to say only 5% of ranked players are Gold V or higher). And only 1% of player reach Platnum V which you are nearly at. So congratulations
However for someone who is in the top 1% of the world its easy to say ELO hell doesnt exist. A gold player can easily carry themself out of elo hell. Ive done it 2 or 3 times but I still believe elo hell exists because a silver player who finds himself in bronze does not have SO MUCH skill that it out weighs the pure idiocy that goes on down there.

If you play a rubbish you arnt in elo hell you ARE elo hell

If you play decent you shouldnt be in elo hell but once there you arnt getting out any time soon

If you play excellently you wont be in elo hell and are unlikely to believe it exists at all

I believe if you have the skill to get from Bronze to Silver you will keep going to Gold or even Platnum

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Elo Hell does exist, but I believe it is more about the sheer number of people in Bronze that AFK. It is near impossible to win 4 v 5, even though my teams have at times, but it is amazing how many players will just bail if things are not perfect. I have been on horrible teams that have still won, because the solo Q teamates did not flame out, stayed united and won out even being down double digit champ kills.

On a side note, congrats on the ranks up and hope to hear that you made it to Platinum.