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A lil Poem for Yorick

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Hey guys had to do a poem about a person place or object for a class, i choice to do one on Yorick. Here it is:


is only the beginning,” he says
upon being picked. He moves in a hop
like limp, hunched with a hump, shovel
in wisp wrapped hand. It’s unlike normal 5
spades: wider, longer and chipped, primed
for this fighter, handed down
through the Mori’s for their craft. Whispered
horror stories of the Grave Digger echo
through the Shadow Isles and the beyond. 10
His lamp, shaped after a ghoul-like
head with a wisp of flame, over shoulder.
It lights lonely nights, or guides
his heirloom in cyclic fights.
Eyes that gaze past 15
your end of days. An arid yellow, thousand yard
stare, hundreds times over. Covered
by a cowl, battered
from battle, stitched to the rest
of his dress. Brown, handmade, it clings loosely 20
around his sickly green
skin. At his will, he can summon
omens, The Four Horsemen, in origin,
Though the dead are always
alone. 25
“Embrace the inevitable.”

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Lol, nice poem