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who do you think are the 5 best junglers S3

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Xin Zhao (Banned some of the time) :
- Can peel and protect carries
- Can initiate fights
- Can disposition the enemy while locking down target of choice at the same time
- Has a very strong lategame
- Decent sustain in the jungle
- Ganks are above average with his dash and knockup
- Has the ability to counter jungle
- Great split pusher due to his Q and his attack speed buff

Overall: Annoying, very annoying.

Malphite (Banned most of the time) :
- Has one of the best initiating abilities in the game
- Has good damage early and mid game
- Fast clear times
- Decent sustain with shield in jungle
- Ganks are only strong at level 6
- Damage falls off late-game

Overall: Strong, and has a great initiating ability. Fast clear times.
Vi (Banned sometimes):
- ?

Overall: ?

Amumu (Banned most of the time) :
- Fast clear time
- Great initiating abilities
- Good gap closer with Q that comes with a stun
- AOE stun
- A passive that helps him and his teammates that do magic damage
- A passive that lets him take reduced damage from physical attacks.

Overall: Banned a lot. Annoying. Strong. Great initiation and has hard CC.

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No Rammus in these lists???

Rammus is only known as RAMM-bo once he is in the jungle

Shaco the jester plays hard to get with those in the bushes

Noc, can literally knock you off your socks

Lee is a sin to play from the jungle....sinfully delightful that is.

Nunu of the jungle leaves the emeny team saying "Oh No No!"

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Top 5 out of the popular ones that people play are Lee Sin, Vi, XZ, Hecarim, and J4.

My personal top 5 are Udyr, Skarner, Fizz, Kayle and Jax.

Malph is overrated and hec counters him so hard.
If you can't CJ an amumu you deserve to lose.

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AmG Risto

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Why not Jax? His passive is great.

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DDaY KaMiKaZee

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xin and Vi were both scaled back to normalcy in patch.

amumu ult was nerfed, but i still think hes top4
hec is still top 4 even with W nerf and elder lizard nerf
j4 was untouched and already top 4
4th spot is a toss up between lee, vi and rammus imo

malph and nautilus overrated

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Lee Sin
Dr. Mundo
The champs I use to jungle with , my top 5 would be everyone except Shaco, he tends to only snowball in certain conditions and falls back hard.