Lane Phase tips and strategy help

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Can someone please explain lane mechanics to me and I'm not talking about how to last hit and stuff, I'm talking about how to freeze the lane, when to push the lane, and how to tell when the enemy creeps are going to be in the middle, when you come back from the fountain.

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I am improving my laning skills everyday and attempt to get better and knowing this myself, but perhaps I can offer some knowledge that I am learning the more and more I play.

Freezing the lane is best when you have wards up and know where the enemies are at all times (usually when you see the whole team ganking top (when you're bottom) or vice versa, you know you can freeze the lane, to allow the creeps to tank the tower while you can base, or gank elsewhere. Also, this may be obvious but I've seen plenty of people try and tank the minions while freezing the lane, and die because they can't sustain any damage or keep themselves alive , so know you can freeze properly and then do so.

Push the lane whenever the jungler is KNOWN to be elsewhere. If you are top and you push the lane and don't know where the jungler is, there is a good possibility he will see you pushing and come and gank you while you're vulnerable (sometimes communicating with mid or top to join in to backdoor)

I'm not quite sure what you meant by the last part but the best way to time that is to push the minions as close to the tower and then fall back and base. It all depends on how well the other laner can farm though or if the jungle steps in to clear.

Pretty much to answer your question in general, good map awareness, timing, and proper intuition/predictions is the key to winning a lane and knowing when to do what. If you've been wacking at a tower with no one coming near you and you know the whole team is up, there is a good chance you're going to be ganked soon, and if you see your team fairing well in a team fight and see you can push the tower with little fear do it.

I hope this helps - it may not be the best advice but maybe if someone reads it they can correct any discrepancies I've had or add/fill in the blanks

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Freezing the lane is keeping the enemy minions just out of reach of your tower's attack range. Generally speaking, it is the area between your tower and the start of the river. You want to freeze your lane to allow your jungler an opportunity to gank. Upon successful gank, push the lane as hard as you can (with map awareness in mind).

If the enemy has frozen the lane, then you are pushing. As long as you have vision of the river (and tribush if applicable) pushing is generally pretty good.

This is a little advanced, but if you know a team mate needs to farm up before team fights, then it may not be a great idea to push. Singed, Nasus and Cho'gath are good examples of champs that can be pretty weak when not farmed. If you have the opportunity to down the tower at 6 minutes in, consider how well your team composition will do against the other team in team fights at that very moment. It's all about timing. 2247