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Looking to get better at solo lanes.

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Hello all, I'm Shizuya and I'm looking for someone to mentor me in top and mid lanes. I've been playing Support since Season 2, but now that Season 3 is around, I want a change of scenery. I have recently played a lot of AD Carry in bot lane, and it has improved my last hitting, and lane mechanics. However, that's not what I'm here to ask for.

I often get jealous of other players who can win lanes by themselves, and then help other people win their lanes too. I want to be able to play, and win solo lanes effectively and efficiently. I'm willing to put the time in to learn, but I also have school work to attend to as well. My skill level in terms of playing solo lanes are only as much as I've learned from playing ADC. However, I haven't been able to take on that aggressive playstyle, since when I play ADC, I tend to be more focused on last hitting than harassing. I also tend to doubt my abilities to fully kill someone, but that comes from the lack of champion knowledge.

I would really appreciate the help, and I really want to get better as a player.

A list of some of the things I think I need to improve on:
- Better last hitting
- Harassing opponent
- Aggression
- Map awareness while csing.
- Situational itemization.
- Recovering from a bad early game.
- Recovering from a losing game, overall.
- Objective control
- Better champion knowledge (Abilities, Cooldowns, Runes, Masteries, a champion's limits...such as what a certain champion can and cannot do.)
- Taking advantage of map control
- Better on-the-fly decision making
- Wasting as little time as possible
- Knowing when to sneak for free objectives. (i.e. Dragon, Baron, towers, opponent buffs and jungle creeps)
- Providing team with more useful information (where the jungler is, which lane jungler was in last, timing on Dragon if enemy team got it while vision not provided, timing enemy wards without vision not provided and no Vision Wards are present etc.)

That's as much as I can think of at the moment. There is always room for improvement, and I'm sure that the list of things I can improve on is much larger than the list of things I have laid out above. I hope I can get some good responses from everyone.

Thank you for your time! (: