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Rnaked 3v3 team comps.

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HoS Que

Senior Member


For anyone having trouble with ranked 3v3 team comps. I've put together a little list of what my team has been sucessful with. If you have any questions or comments or some comps of your own that you'd like to share feel free.

Morgana bot solo
Kha zix jungle
Wukong top

Morgana in 3s is amazing if you're a good morg player, she allows for massive cc in 3v3 and her spell shiled is so crucial.
Kha zix can bring high mobility and great ganks with a little cc for help when needed. Built tanky he is unkillable and can still put out great damage.
Wukong ult before morg ult is almost a guarenteed team fight won for your team and he can stealth out if he is low.

fiddle jungle
swain bot
wukong top

Fiddle absoulutley melts enemy teams with the item meta on ttl right now. His fear and silence on top of his ult if landed Is a guarenteed kill if not ace. "IF" you land your ult.
Swain puts out MASSIVE damage and is super tanky if build right the combonation of aoe and cc with the comp is unbeatable if played right.
Wukong fits into any comp his ult alone is amazing for the team fight.

lee sin jungle
shen top
eve bot

I played against this comp and the shields won the game. They all ran barrier. And lee sin picked up a locket of the solari. Sheilds and cc to the important targets won them the game. They were a great team.

Well thanks for reading. Hope this helps some people new to ranked 3s or some serious teams that might have trouble with finding the right comps. Thanks