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Support idea: mix the action of adcarry with a support structure

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ive always liked adcarry, and support, and ive had the idea for a while now that if you could mix these two fields they would make for interesting and fun play.

the idea is simple, a support character where the mechanics are completely different than what is currently on the field.

his auto attacks heal instead of damage.
his spells provide buffs or mobility that might allow very weak early game champions to have an easier time with a properly mastered whatever his name is.

in this notion the heals that might be on say, a q, would be moderate, not terribly strong but would be skill shots, much like an ezreal mystic shot.

phantomdancer on a support?? not so troll when your autos can crit your allies.

literally allow the mind to wander with this and you will find a completely new branch of builds and possibilities that could work with a champion like this, and a sort of in your face play that would compliment some adcarries styles. in teamfights it would be more involved than soraka, who heals and backs up. but still allow the required thought about who to heal, whos in range, in LOS and at what time the cool downs are available.

i was also thinking that there could be a doubletap ability, firstdefence and emition. firstdefence is a small shield and nothing special of note, but any other shields placed on the champion while active will build upon this initial shield, if it remains active durring the entire firstdefence time allowance the champion can doubletap for emition, transfering the TOTAL shield via skillshot to an ally champion.

i think that this could add an entirely new perspective on the support role, and allow for new and interesting builds to open up. an item that might have been only good for ad champions might now be good alongside ap with this champ. and the playstyles will be equally interesting to see what comes out of players who can take this kind of champion.

also there is alot of crossover, people who are not used to supporting but enjoy adcarry might not be so depressed getting stuck with it if they have fun with this style of champion.

anyway let me know what ppl think.