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Website that takes competitive gaming to the next level!

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Have you ever thought of betting on your favorite competitive gaming teams?
Now it is possible! www.yoDuel.com (http://www.yoduel.com) offers avid gamers and spectators an opportunity to accumulate points and redeem them for real life prizes, anywhere from MacBooks to Beats Headphones.

Registered users can bet against other users on “Sponsored Matches” which will consist of actually tournament matches held by credible leagues.
If simply just spectating isn’t your thing, you have the ability to bet on yourself or your team! What do we mean by that? yoDuel.com offers registered users with “Verified In-Game names” a chance to wager against other verified users on a winner takes all system.

But if you’re looking for something bigger and free, yoDuel.com holds bi-weekly tournament for its registered users.

I still don’t understand..
Just take a look at our website www.yoduel.com (http://www.yoduel.com) for more information!

Currently, we are only hosting these games listed below
-League of Legends
-Dota 2
-Starcraft 2
(If you have any ideas for other games, upcoming tournaments, or bugs, post on our facebook page, submit a ticket, or blog and you will receive “points” for every contribution we use) SO POST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

Since this is the grand opening for yoDuel.com we are offering prizes to the
First :
-5 registered users with verified IDs for any of the provided games
-2 Teams with 5 registered members with verified IDs
-5 Random users who “Like” our facebook page www.facebook.com/yoduelme (http://www.facebook.com/yoduelme)

Good Luck and Have fun!
yoDuel team