TankWick AP Build - Dominon Based

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Hello. I'm bored and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a good Warwick build. I mainly play Dominion with Warwick, so this build is based off of my experiences in Dominion.

First off, if you need a breakdown of his passive and his abilities, here's a link to his LoLWiki page:

Warwick Ability and Passive Details

Now, with that in mind, on to the build.

Warwick's Runes:

Flat MPen Reds
Armor Yellows
MR/lvl Blues
Movement Quints

I find that these runes give Warwick the early game damage and tankiness he needs to survive while he builds up his items. Since this Warwick primarily deals magic damage, the MPen reds help boost this damage. The Movement Quints help with his mobility, and mean you can forgo Boots and rush your main items.

I love the Utility Tree, as I find it gives you so many different benefits building deep into the tree compared to the others; it's a very versatile tree that works on just about any character. With that being said, I run 9/0/21 masteries on Warwick:


1 - Summoner's Wrath: Boosts the primary Summoner spells that you would use with Warwick

3 - Fury: The other basic level masteries aren't worth it since this build already has 40% CDR

4 - Blast: The small amount of AP gives a slight boost to his Q

1 - Arcane Knowledge: Additional MPen for his passive, his Q and his R


1 - Summoner's Insight: If you use Revive or Flash at all, this is a great mastery to take. Otherwise, you can put the
point into Havoc in the Offense Tree for a slight increase in damage.

3 - Wanderer: Boosts his chasing potential and gives a little extra speed for roaming

3 - Meditation: Helps slightly mitigate his extremely high mana costs

1 - Improved Recall: Self explanatory

3 - Summoner's Insight: Lower cooldowns on your Summoner's spells

1 - Runic Affinity: Self Explanatory

3 - Vampirism: Improves his sustain

4 - Awareness: Warwick scales extremely well into lategame; this helps you reach lategame much faster

1 - Pickpocket: More of a support mastery, but a tiny bit of extra gold always helps, right?

1 - Nimble: Increases his chasing potential and makes him much less boots dependent

As far as skill leveling goes, here are my preferences:

R>Q>W>E: If you're more concerned about DPS and boosting the AS of your carries

R>Q>alternate between E and W: If you want better chasing ability earlier or you're getting kited

Now, for the overall build:

Mercs/Tabi - Essential
Frozen Heart - Essential
Spirit Visage - Essential
Runic Bulwark

Warwick's passive and Q mean that resists and CDR are more effective for sustain than health stacking. Additionally, itemizing this way helps you to avoid being shut down by common counters, like Teemo.

Starting Item Choices:

1.) Glacial Shroud: Against heavy AD and/or if you want early CDR and mana sustain. The armor really helps prevent the minions from killing you early game (it is very possible to die to minion harass).

2.) Negatron Cloak + Null Magic Mantle: Only against Heavy AP and you're going top. This will leave you defenseless against minion damage, and that damage early game makes the difference between life and death

3.) Boots + Kindlegem: Mainly if you want to rush Spirit Visage; Glacial Shroud is a better choice since you get better mana sustain and the same amount of CDR

4.) Boots + Chalice: Only in bot lane against a heavy sustain character (Yorick comes to mind). Going top, you need more resists and/or CDR.

Overall Item Choices:

Mercs or Tabi: Necessary. The kind of boots you get depends on the team comp. If they have heavy AP/CC, take Mercs. If they have heavy AD/autoattackers, take Tabi. By default you should get Mercs; the CC reduction and MR really help his sustain and allow him to initiate if need be without getting stopped cold. All of the other boots are useless since they don't provide resists.

Frozen Heart: Necessary. He makes great use of all the stats, the AS reduction aura helps against autoattackers, and it improves his damage output tremendously. Build this before Spirit Visage if the enemy team is heavy AD.

Spirit Visage: Necessary. Gives him a decent amount of health, large amount of MR and CDR, and the passive is AMAZING on him. With this item alone, Warwick's sustain increases tremendously; you can potentially heal 1/4 of your health with just one Q. Build this before Frozen Heart if the enemy team is heavy AP.

WoTA: This item is more for the spellvamp and less for the AP. With it, your sustain is nearly unmatched between Q and R. The aura helps your teammates as well, providing everyone additional sustain. It's also cheaper than Hextech Revolver.

Runic Bulwark: I usually get this item to help out my teammates, especially if we're losing badly. The item mainly provides MR, so this item is more recommended against AP heavy teams. The major boost in health also helps out Warwick's sustain.

Now, for the Situational items:

Void Staff: If the enemy is building heavy MR, build this in place of WoTA; it will improve your damage on Q, R and your healing tremendously. The AP is mostly wasted, however.

Chalice of Harmony: I usually get this early game if I need the extra mana sustain. Warwick has huge mana problems throughout the game, and this mitigates that somewhat. However, the upgrades are fairly useless on Warwick, as he would end up with too much CDR and additional AP after your first AP item is wasted. I rarely, if ever upgrade this item.

Giant's Belt: By endgame, you usually don't have enough time to upgrade to heavier items, so this extra health boost helps your sustain. You can upgrade this to either Randuin's Omen or Sunfire Cape; it depends on whether you need more AoE damage or you need better chasing ability. It's better to go Sunfire in most cases since Warwick is rarely kited with E.

Abyssal Scepter: Extremely situational. Only get this against heavy AP teams; otherwise this item is a complete waste on Warwick.

So, what do you guys think?

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I do something similar, though I don't have MS quints so I run AP quints in their place. I also run 9/21/0 because I prefer to be tankier than to have the small benefits of utility.

Item build wise I do things much differently to you, though. I agree that spirit visage and frozen heart are basically core on him, as it gives him a mix of everything he needs defence-wise, while also capping his CDR. My situational items vary after that though.

Offensive options: Hextech Gunblade, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Wooglet's Witchcap, Abyssal Scepter
Defensive options: Randuin's Omen, Odyn's Veil, Runic Bulwark, Locket of the Iron Solari

The defensive gear should be self explanatory - you build as needed for your team. Odyn's is more of a selfish pick but it's fantastic for anti-magery. On the offensive list...Gunblade offers you the most sustain out of the revolver options and it greatly buffers your power, since you already have a big AS steroid. The active helps peel for an ally or to chase someone down. Rylai's gives you more health, and the slow procs on your Q which allows you to chase or even to kite. Wooglet's and Abyssal give you damage without giving up survivability.

The only downside I find to this strategy is that Warwick becomes pretty reliant on health packs to keep his mana up over more than short fights, because his Q is mana hungry and has a very low cooldown with max CDR. But if you can keep darting off to grab them between skirmishes, then he's really potent even with a full tank build.