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Human Amumu

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Human Amumu
-I was thinking for a while about a good Halloween skin for Amumu (or ust a regular release skin)
And what I came up with was "Human Amumu" I though about it and figured If kids dress up
as mummies for Halloween what does a Kid Mummy dress up as for halloween and the answer
is obvious he dresses up like a human. Pretty simple right?

Q -Bandage Toss-
Bandage toss, Instead of being a Bandage it could be Headphones or a Sleeve from a Shirt
of some sort

W -Despair- Would look the same because there isn't much you can change about it

E -Tantrum- Would Also look the same, because again it's hard to come up with something
that shows barely any effects as it is

R -Curse of the Sad Mummy- this would obviously just show his Headphones(or sleeves)
coil around the enemy.

What he would look like- I figure he would have baggy jeans a shirt and a Hoodie wearing a
baseball cap Maybe having LoL on the cover on the cap

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shouldnt he dress up like a yordel?