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Front End Interface Item Listing and Explanations

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Max Q Then E

Junior Member


Let me ask you: Why is it that I can peruse the champions, summoner spells, runes, and masteries before I enter a game yet I am unable to plan out my build before I enter the game? I realize many items and builds are going to be situational (if you play competitively or seriously) but why must summoners have to waste time in game trying to find the perfect item for the team they are currently playing against?

The upgrades to the item shop have been substantial and have made item decisions much faster and simpler but mostly for players that have looked up a guide or go recommended. I'm not a pro player but I have been playing for a year and a front end item list is something that has been noticeably absent. When I'm playing a game often times I have to search and search for the item I feel will work in the current situation of the game as I don't know every last item and their effects, passives, actives, and auras. Not only does it stifle my game play and my teams but sometimes in my haste I'll give up looking and purchase items I'm more familiar with or have used in the past even though I know the item does not truly fulfill the role I'm looking for. I realize there is an item list here online but there is also a summoner spell list as well and it also exists on the front end.

There's no reason it would have to fluffed up, it could look exactly like the store thereby creating an atmosphere of familiarity while using it in game as well. Is there any intention of adding this feature to the game interface?