Riot some Ideas on Improving League.

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So the past 3 days in ranked have been terrible for me. I have gone up and down in a division for a little over 100 games now. I honestly dont think i deserve to be in bronze at all but anyway. I carry my games usually double my deaths as my kills and If i happen to have an afker (which is literally every other game, or every third game in bronze). so i loose more points than i gain in a win if i loose because of an afker? why do i loose points at all its my fault they afk? I almost left my divison once but i had a troll brand that refused to go anywhere but mid, and ahri was second pick. not wanting to loose I dodge the match so i can play one with a normal team. but i loose 10 points and ruin my series? awesome. I want a fair game and am punished. Now here is my solutions to the problems, create a veto option for players to group up together to kick out people who troll like that, secondly why is there even a punishment for dodging? Dodging before the game is a good thing rather have them dodge than troll or afk. Third this would be difficult but add an option where players in game can call for someone to take the place of an afk summoner. If you can fix it early it wouldn't be a problem ( gold and xp and such). I love this game but it makes it really hard to want to play it when you get afkers or people who dont care about the game ruin it for you. Im all for experiencing new meta in normals but ranks should be taken seriously. Should not reward people who dont deserve it an punish those who work hard to be good at the game and afkers&trolls ruin it. I have plenty of ideas to improve the game just kinda gave you a broad image of how I think the game could improve, any questions email me Keep up the good work guys thanks again for League.