AFK Champion select

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Sindy Sinful



I'm sure those who play in blind/Draft pick have come across a few ques where one or more players accept the match, and then go afk. They get a random champion picked for them, and then are still afk well into the final countdown. To avoid wasting up to 20 minutes fighting a, most likely, losing 4v5 someone dodges to avoid playing a bad match.

Now what I don't get is, why do people who are actually there at the que have to be penalized because some random player decides to afk through champion select?

Why isn't there a manual; player activated; ping system that players may need to respond to near the end of champion select so this can be avoided?

My issue is that the active players in the que have to bite the penalty for dodging because someone went afk during select. Am I wrong to be slightly annoyed by this?

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Senior Member


I also find this annoying. One solution I thought of is if someone on your team or the enemy's team doesn't move for 5 minutes you should be allowed to surrender at 5 minutes without losing league points and it won't count as a loss.