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VG Bustamoov

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I'm currently Bronze V, but have been Bronze IV several times. In order to get to Bronze IV, I need to win a minimum of 4 games in a 5 game stretch. At Bronze V, I get between 15-40 points per win and lose anywhere between 6-25 points for a loss. Once I get to Bronze IV, that all changes. I'll take the last time I was Bronze IV as an example. I started Bronze IV with 0 lp. I won my first 4 games and had a total of 19 lp. I lost the next game and lost 19 lp, putting me at 0 again. Then I lost the following game and was placed back into Bronze V with 71 lp. I'm decent at Mid, but rarely get to play mid since someone always pastes 'mid' before the screen even loads up for me. Since I'm so paranoid of trolls now, I abandon my desire to play mid and play support since that is the only position no one will fight for. My stats as support are very good now that I've played support for well over 80% of my games, but I'm at an average of 55% or so in win/loss ratio. I own all champs and can play almost all of them - some better than others.
I need someone to pair up with me and tell me where I am going wrong since people say in the forums that a support can carry a bad ADC. I just can't seem to do it. If my ADC overextends (and this happens a lot), the only way I can even try to save him is to commit suicide to get them out. Once I do that - now I'm feeding. If I don't suicide - now I'm a noob support and need to hang myself. If I happen to get a kill - then I'm ksing the ADC and they rage. If I fail to kill them and an enemy escapes - then I'm back to needing a rope again. There has to be a line somewhere, but I'm failing to see it. Can someone please help?