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Hanbok Ahri

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KG Solitaire

Junior Member


I've already posted this in the player support, but got a feedback suggesting me to post it here, too.



I'm a Korean summoner playing in League of Legends NA server.

First of all, I really want to clear that I'm such a big fan of LoL.

My favorite champion is Ahri since she's a Korean champion and suits my play style, but something really bothers me.

When I searched up LoL in Facebook and looked through Ahri photos, I found out that most of the summoners think that Ahri is based on the Japanese comic book "Naruto". This wasn't a big of a deal since Japan also has the tale of the Nine-tailed Fox. But somehow, I felt like I've lost my favorite champion in a way.

Also, as you guys might know, there's a skin for Ahri called "Hanbok Ahri" in the Korean server (Hanbok is a traditional clothing in Korean incase you guys don't know). However, I've also played in the North American server and found out that the same skin is called "Dynasty Ahri". This is also recognized as a Chinese skin.

As an international student, I saw a lot of people mistake Hanbok as Chinese clothing... And that's really sad for me. I believe that Hanbok is a beautiful clothing which is from Korea. I don't mean that Chinese nor Japanese clothing aren't attractive. I think they are great looking, but I just want to make this clear.

I don’t see any good reason why “Hanbok Ahri” is not called as it should be. Skins like “Ninja Rammus” is referring to a specific Japanese term ‘Ninja’. I know that ‘Ninja’ is commonly used and that’s why it’s kept there, so why not also make ‘Hanbok’ a common term by LoL?

Therefore, I really want this to be changed. It might be just a little thing, but it will be a huge favor of us all Korean summoners.

Since LoL is such a popular game played around the world, this subtle change will be a huge impact.

Because it is such a famous game, I hope this will be corrected.

Best wishes,
from a normal Korean summoner.

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Senior Member


People are going to be stupid, there's nothing you can do to stop that. Renaming the skin to what Ahri is wearing will not change the fact that idiots will think it's chinese, not much you can do about it.

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I agree with KG, this saddens me as a Korean summoner.