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Pre-Game Position Picks.

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Ever since Season 3 has start I have noticed a sudden popularity in arguing over map roles and positions. It most likely has been going like this for ages, but for some reason I get the feeling it is increasing dramatically.

Nearly 90% of my games are just trolled and argued. I can't talk on behalf and some of you might say deal with it but it really ruins the fun of the game.

I've been thinking of ways to sort out this once and for all, but not without critizim from some players and also some thumbs up from others.

The thought I have come up with is that the game gets fitted with role and position bottons as soon as you join the lobby with your 5 team mates. Instead of quickly typing your role, or even copying and pasting as I know some of you do, these buttons are pressed by the quickest player to hit the button.
It then locks (lets say for this instance ADC button has been pushed), no one else can ADC only that person.

Now here is where there can be some critizim or even more... the player that clicked ADC for example, has a nominated amount of adc champs (any amount before he/she goes into a game they nominate all their adcs they would choose from when in game) that way it is possible that you get a game where someone chooses ADC properly, and Jungle properly.

I understand that people could just choose in their list of champs a non adc champ and just troll or even if they didnt get adc they click top yet still chose an ashe for example. Or even click the ADC button and when in game runs to top. But I was hoping that it would minimize a lot of people that have gamer aggression attitude. Also all this pick order business in ranked is fair to the bottom players how RIOT?

Heres my question... Good idea or bad idea. I could be completely and utterly wrong in everyway that this will work, but 'You Only Rift Once' or many more times in my case.