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HELP: League of Legends Video

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Hi Summoners,

This is xpunkx here. In short, I have created this thread to ask for your help. I am planning on creating a League of Legends video of as many summoners as I can to give back to riot a strong response of how much we love them. But I am not going to be able to do this without your help. If you are able to and willing, I am asking for you to create a short clip (10-30 seconds would be nice) of you stating why you love league of legends/riot. It can be just a word or a couple of sentences.

Please start with the line of:
"Hi, This is (your summoner name), and my favorite champion is (your favorite champion)"
Then after this state whatever you want, explaining why you love LoL
End with the Line:
"this is why I love league of legends"

Please send your short clip to [email]davidparkfilms@gmail.com[/email]

If you guys can do this, it would be greatly appreciated!!! Happy Leaguing!!

- xpunkx