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Sightstone or philo first?

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I usually build sightstone over philo.
My reasons:

1. I start flask + 2 wards + 1 min ward from masteries + 1 biscuit
Flask is much more sustain than a philo
2. HP>regen for the same cost
You will not regen all of the harass from a heavy harass comp. If you have regen, it is a useless stat against a hard engage. HP will let you take a couple hits and can make a big difference.
3. Wards = gold
4 wards total over 6 minutes = 300 gold = .8 gold per second.

On the other hand...

If there is eve or twitch, I will usually pick up a philo because it helps with pink wards much more than a sightstone.

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With the cost increase to sightstone I've been favoring a philo first currently. Especially since I start with either the faerie charm or rejuv bead anyway. Just 520 gold (I think? My memory might be wonky) to have it on the first back, which shouldn't be too hard. I generally don't find a *need* for the extra wards from the sightstone during early laning.

There's nothing wrong with shooting for it early though. More wards is never a bad thing, and it will start paying itself off faster.