Black screen at the end of every match.

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I've been playing league for a while now and i've been a level 30 for almost a year and this problem only starting happening towards the past couple of months. Every time I play, the game goes fine whether its victory or defeat and at the end when i'm supposed to be in the chat where you honor or report or whatever, my screen just blacks out. Like it goes black completely, no task bar, no ult tab, no ctrl-ult delete, nothing works. I've left it for a while thinking maybe it'll get fixed on it's own and it still happens. I have to restart my pc after every single game otherwise i just get a black screen and i'm unable to do anything. I haven't changed anything in my pc recently and I haven't deleted anything that shouldn't be deleted from the league files.. I seriously need help with this, it's starting to get irritating. Anyone else get this?