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Looking for a 3rd (Ranked)

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Me and my buddy "bnb1992" are looking for a third for Twisted Treeline and if we get enough people looking for Summoner games.
Must have Skype.
Speak English well.
You can bring your friends, but they will go through the same initiation.
The initiation is you play against one of us to determine your skill and attitude towards the game.
We can always work out what times you can play a work that into our schedules.
We are easy going, accepting, and fun.
Feel free to add either of us and message whenever you can.
Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.
Bye bye.

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Junior Member


If you need to know anything about our stats or so on and so forth, just shoot us a message or a friend request, or even ask away on here and we will answer ya.

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Senior Member


i actually wouldnt mind playing with you guys, i was gold in tt last season but i stopped playing with them due to role issues etc. Ill add you in game, i can play almost anyday after 1pm in the states, im central time. Ill add you in game, have skype and mumble.

Also what role are you looking for? Jungle, ad or ap?