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Fun Games Are Still Had!

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Romantic Metro

Senior Member


Just had a top game against a Singed with me as Renekton. By far the funnest top lane I've played in such a long while. My jungler ganked his jungler ganked. Back and forth clearing waves preventing ganks and just not being able to gank at all. Our junglers gave up once it got a little bit later into the game and we were tankier. Then team fights would break out and we were still top lane and we would both try and leave the other with some creeps to deal with first. Team fights were intense it felt like we laning again but with players :P. It just felt like the game revolved around which tank survived longer than the other. I wouldn't have cared if we lost that was such a fun game but we did win . Goes to show you that this game is fun The game was close and it swung back and forth. I live for this kinda stuff!

Anyone else got some cool stories?